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梦幻的世界 A wOrLd of ILLuSiOns

笑着说再见 就一定会再见

Please call me Willow. 22+. Female. Welcome to my journal since Dec '09. I never thought to have this journal for so long, but here I am still. This has become a little cove for me, to write only about what really matters. For me to follow things that keep me sane and optimistic. A part of who I truly am in this real world that cannot seem to find a place in the reality of the choices I have made, magnified to become central to who I am on this journal. Hence, 'a world of illusions' - the name of this place from the very beginning.
Themes which form the basis of most my posts - Beautiful music carries my soul. Lyrics that strike a cord make my day. Words that manage to encompass much more than the weight of their letters blow me away. Artists that compose and write their own songs have my utter admiration. Singers who put their every being into the songs they sing deserve my applause. Optimism is a gift. Laughter is precious. Love should be unconditional. Life is short and unpredictable.
Stuff I spazz about in no particular order (with honourable mentions) - Quotes, Lyrics, Japanese artists (Yuzu, Mr. Children, V6, Anri Kumiki, Kawashima Ai), Yesung, Japanese actors (Kase Ryo), Jpop, Ballads, Soft Rock, New Age music, Cpop, Chinese artists (Jay Chou, Sodagreen), Jmovies (Okuribito), Chinese traditional music, Oldies, Live Concerts, Kpop (the one and only Kim Jongwoon), pretty pictures.
The sun sparkles off water.
A bird passes you.
Enough food.
All reasons to believe that somewhere in the world,
somehow, great things are possible.

~Headings are song titles by Kevin Kern~
one two three
four five six