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Yuzu - 虹 Niji (rainbow), new single released 02/09

Fully obssessed with this song at the moment. I love love it ♥

Firstly, the lyrics.

I can't find a translation of it yet. But from what I can pick out, its about life :) Looking forward in life. For example, the chorus 越えて 越えて 越えて (koete, koete..) means 'To surpass'. A theme about hope, light, the colours of the rainbow span across tomorrow. (I'm pretty desperate to know what it means^^ ahaha.)

Secondly, the PV.

The first thing it reminded me of was the Studio Ghibli anime, Howl's Moving Castle. Just because the building could move XD But the concept of this PV is brilliant, eventhough I don't totally understand it. Anyone want to try give their interpretation? The people in the moving cafe probably represent individuals who do not know one another but happen to cross paths at that point in time and shared an experience together. I wonder what each of them saw through the hole? I'm guessing their childhood, their past or dreams or precious memories? Also maybe the enclosed gloomy cafe represented a form hiding and through the hole they saw the light to their future.

I've found two performances of Niji! Which are both superb.

This first one was performed at the recent 24hrsTV programme aired in Japan (which probably most on my f-list know was hosted by NEWS). I'm not going to lie, I've no interest in NEWS anymore. When I first started following them, I already had a dislike for Shige and Koyoma. And Tegoshi followed soon after. Shige=smug face. Tegoshi=arrogant brat. Koyoma=nice & ok when not singing or dancing. The last straw was when Yamapi changed his hairstyle during the Koi no ABO period, that was pure hideous. Only liking 2/6 members wasn't helpful. Although I think I will always keep up with NEWS just because of Ryo & Massu XD Yamapi redeems himself sometimes when he smiles from the heart, otherwise he is pretty bland most of the time. So feel free to de-friend me if you can't bear to read me dissing your favourite members :) I'm totally ok with that, because people move on.

Back to the perf, fortunately one good thing came out of NEWS hosting the show this year, hopefully someone shared this for download somewhere. This song makes me feel so good.

On Music Station yesterday (friday). Super HQ video thanks to the uploader. I really want to know a way to contact her, its been difficult to find a good raw to subtitle V6's 2 appearances on this show for Guilty. SMAP (the group of men they spoke to) is awfully weird. Why the Japanese love this idol group, I've never been able to understand. And because of that, I've always wondered what tastes these people have -_-'. YUZU look awesome. I like both their clothes. Did I say already, I love the song. Yujin so handsome!!

Do you spy V6 looking cool in tux behind? ^_^ Don't slouch!! :(

Since we are on that topic, HQ video of V6's performance of Guilty yesterday. ahaha, you can see some of the 'uh-huh' moves I was talking about. That aside, very cool performance, different from the one last week but both very 'attractive' to watch. Some of the vocals were shaky though. I think they were talking about the picture of Ken taking a shower that they showed at the beginning of the CC concerts.

The only clip I downloaded from the 24hrTV show was Ryo's Darts Trip. So cuuuute I tell you. I love how he is so straightforward all the time.

24hrTV Ryo 01
This was the pinnacle of hilarity. I really like the lady, the way she smiles. And then he reveals her age and she hits him. She's very lively.

24hrTV Ryo 04
Him tilting his head to meet the gaze of the old lady XD Shio cuute.
Tags: jartist: yuzu, je artist: nishikido ryo, je: v6, videos: performances, videos: pvs

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